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Brock Benzel
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Brock Benzel Tiny bows slays hard. Buy their music or at least put it in your ear holes. Favorite track: Yacov's Nubian Bling Explosion.
empty skies i'm content with letting thoughts of you slip by just out of reach just far enough that i can almost breathe it's coming now i've lost all that i thought i couldnt live without it's all gone shit sucks yo but i've been here before i've lost it all what fucking ever, man you're just memories of all i can't feel i can't remember if it ever felt better to say i'm alone here but i'm home i've fallen deep on my way down i blew a kiss to everything i found i've got it all worked out i will keep breathing i will not sink i will keep breathing just the same
Let shadows drown in asphalt Let the wind crash and choke our breath Leave the trumpets blaring, Leave them tattooed across the brick Scum dump gasoline in coffee cups As assembly lines pass Fragile street scenes suck you in and break your back I stepped out into the storm Wind peeled my flesh It feeds the trees, the cancer sores of intertwining branch It's make believe, fairy tales Knots of hair and skin It holds us back, keeps us warm, consumes us from within I know that I've failed Let's prepay for funeral plans Lie and say we did our best Mix cocktails in plastic cups and pat ourselves on the back You smile and laugh As stalks grow out of your head, They hypnotize, sing and dance, draw me in It's make believe, fairy tales, knots of hair and skin, it holds us back, keeps us warm, consumes us from within I know that I've failed The worlds consumed all that was left
enough i get it i learned my lesson long before you finally gave up it sank right through me and tore a hole through all i used to be take this knife through my chest it's not like it used to be it's not the same but i can still hear you scream from too many miles away i can't wait forever, i'll scream to pass the time, i know it hurts to breathe but at least it keeps me awake none of this will make a difference none of this will change a thing i die in all of my dreams, but i wake feeling just the same I need a new way to say i'm suffering i'm just a broken record screaming how it's not the same i'm not the person i was i'm not the person i want to be


We finally did it everyone, we finally put this bad boy out. This is our first full band release featuring two new tunes and two revised tunes. Big thanks to all who helped out along the way. The Tin Rain Commonage is now enrolling for the class of 2k17.


released August 7, 2016

Theo Dennis - guitar, vox
Chris Rudisill - guitar, synth
Ben Wilson - drums
Jack Oswald - bass, baby goat gifs

Art by Chris Rudisill
Wyatt Oberholzer - mixing, mastering
Eric Muth - mixing, mastering


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tiny rainbows Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

theo, chris, jack, and ben.
sad babies doin crazy shit

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