The Slaughter Rule

by tiny rainbows



released January 24, 2014

Theo Dennis ~ vocals, guitars (electric, acoustic, bowed, bass), drums, sounds, piano

All music and lyrics by Theo
produced by Theo in the Trout Cave.

sample credits:
track 1 ~ The Venture Bros, "Hate Floats"; spoken/screamed word section from cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
track 3 ~ Home Movies, "Writers Block"
track 8 ~ The Venture Bros., "Tag Sale, You're It!"

cover photo and design by Theo,



all rights reserved


tiny rainbows Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

theo, chris, jack, and ben.
sad babies doin crazy shit

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Track Name: Action Bills!
forgive me
you needed so much more than i could give
funny, i have nothing to give anymore
getting bored of all of your teeth marks in my side

keep bleeding more
take all that i have that's worth your time

cough the blood up
spit it on the floor
i can feel the warmth draining from my soul,
feel it leave my body, leaving me cold
endless "sorry"s dripping through my teeth
as my soul leaves my body

take a moment of silence for my dying pride

keep moving forward
i'm falling behind, but i know a little push is all it takes

i'll keep moving forward
a word is all it takes to send me falling way behind
Track Name: I'm Gonna Haul Ass to Lollapalooza (Here We Go Again!)
good fucking riddance

i regret my regrets
and all the words i let you get trapped in my head
but i'm still afraid to leave,
afraid to turn my back on all the old friends who forgot how to tolerate me

there's pointless thought that comes with living alone,
but the stars are much prettier when you don't give a shit what they "mean"
i'm finally not afraid to say i'm not that great

i'll let these feelings rush to my head
it's just nice to feel something
i'll let you fade away

i'm not afraid to be myself anymore

maybe as time goes by
my bed wont feel as empty
another week and the pain will fade away

i'm not ready yet
i'm not ready for anything

look at me, what have i done
look at me, i'm finally something
Track Name: Count Pope-ula
i've given up on sleep
with hopes of keeping further from my dreams
a crumpled mess beneath my sheets,
i'll take this comfort with my tragedy

but you're more than this moment,
you're a pancho that never ends, (it's punk show, but come on that line is so cheesy)
and despite the way you look at me,
you're still my only friend

you're more than this heartache,
you're an entire day spent in bed
and despite the way you look at me,
you're still my only friend

nothing matters, i try so hard not to remember

i take it back, everything
you were worth every second of pain
i take it back, everything
all the months of trying to make you miss me
Track Name: ... But Moe, The Dank. The Dank!
empty skies
i'm content with letting thoughts of you slip by
just out of reach
just far enough that i can almost breathe

it's coming now
i've lost all that i thought i couldnt live without
it's all gone
shit sucks yo but i've been here before

i've lost it all
what fucking ever, man

you're just memories of all i can't feel
i can't remember if it ever felt better to say
i'm alone here
but i'm home

i've fallen deep
on my way down i blew a kiss to everything i found
i've got it all worked out

i will keep breathing
i will not sink
i will keep breathing just the same
Track Name: Grandad "Bitches" Freeman
not really sure what i deserve
i fuck up all my dreams
alone in my sleep every night
i know i'm not old enough to be cold enough for you
i could look for a reason but i can't find a reason to
Track Name: You Call Those Fist Names? (Say Hello to Bono and Sandra Day O'Connor)
it's a secret
Track Name: Grover Cleveland's Presidential Time Machine
enough i get it
i learned my lesson
long before you finally gave up

it sank right through me
and tore a hole
through all i used to be

i miss it all, i miss the pain
i miss everything you gave
I miss when knowing you loved me was all I'd need

take this knife through my chest

it's not like it used to be
it's not the same
but i can still hear you scream
from too many miles away

i can't wait forever,
i'll scream to pass the time,
i know it hurts to breathe
but at least it keeps me awake

none of this will make a difference
none of this will change a thing
i die in all of my dreams,
but i wake feeling just the same

I need a new way to say i'm suffering
i'm just a broken record screaming how it's not the same
i'm not the person i was
i'm not the person i want to be
And I just want to say I'm sorry
what am i running from?
i wish i knew